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Sustainable Travel in north-west Yunnan, China

Care about the environment? Care about the locals? Love Ecotourism?

We are a community-owned company by 22 Naxi village families (a rare thing in Lijiang!) that strives to empower local people in Yunnan Province.

Travel with us to less known places around Lijiang to see lakes, mountains, animals, and plants, or to some of the close-by Naxi, Yi, and Bai villages, for a close and direct experience of ethnic minorities real village life.

We follows the Ecotourism international criteria and bring awareness about local minority cultures, develop community-based employment opportunities that will improve the local standard of living, allowing for the construction of schools and hospitals, as well as proper sanitation.
This is done by employing local Naxi and Yi ethnic minority locals, and 10% of our profit is given to a conservation and community development fund which provide services to the community and schools.

What are you waiting?

join us to enjoy nature and the local cultures, in a responsible way.

Upcoming shared group tours

If you are 1 or 2 persons, you can can consider joining a shared group tour.

The next shared group tour will be Three days trip to Wenhai and Lashi Lake, it will be from January. 20-22 Places left: 6(out of 6).


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